One Year in EMC’s Service Provider Program

By | September 29, 2011

I joined EMC on September the 1st 2010, which is obviously just over a year ago and I’ve recently been reflecting on the progress we’ve made and achievements over the last year.

Back in the third quarter of 2010 EMC’s Service Provider Business in EMEA was still very much in start-up mode and I joined the Business Unit Director and Solutions Marketing Lead to become just the third member of the team.

Since the start of 2011, we’ve grown the team by adding resources across the EMEA region. These field resources are focused on identifying potential Service Provider partners and working with them to make them as successful as possible. We also added further members to the team here in Europe to co-ordinate activities for customers that have operations across the region and to help drive some of the forward looking strategic initiatives that I will write some posts about in due course.

We’ve also benefited from an increased focus on Service Providers throughout the whole of EMC. The result is that we can now access a virtual team that includes resources from across the organisation, everything from some of the brilliant minds in the CTO Office through to fantastically knowledgable field resources across EMEA, all of whom are aligned to Service Providers and focused on marking EMC a more effective partner to this particular type of customer.

The other big step forward that we have made is the discovery of the assets and capabilities that exist within the organisation and the assessment their relevance to Service Providers.  This effort means that we are now able to present our products in the Service Providers’ context and illustrate how they can be used to create ‘as-a-Service’ offers that Service Providers can take to market, why they represent an opportunity for Service Providers and how an SP might implement them. This is incredibly important in making the SP Program ‘real’ for partners.

Finally, along with the rest of the team I’ve been evangelising the importance of Service Providers, both within EMC and to the external market. At a recent event that we ran in France for Technology Analysts from across EMEA, you only had to wait until slide 12 of the opening session before our Global Marketing CTO, Chuck Hollis (, was explaining the importance of our Service Provider Partners, in front of a slide showing the names and logos of more that 30 Service Provider partners that we are working with around the world! Fantastic progress!

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