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By | October 5, 2011

Back after a short break! Partly because it’s just hard to sustain a post rate of one every other day, so perhaps I was a little bit overambitious last week? Another factor is that I spent the first couple of days of this week at EMC’s Executive Briefing Center in Cork, Ireland, hosting (if you excuse the pun) a major hosting service provider that EMC works with here in the UK.

This Service Provider is an organisation that understands that its customers, who are predominately large UK headquartered Enterprises, have changing and increasingly demanding service expectations. Rather than the fixed infrastructure model traditionally offered by hosting providers, they are looking to their service provider to deliver a much agile infrastructure and a flexible commercial model to match it. The focus of our EBC would be to identify solutions and services to enable the delivery of these new types of services.

Having been at EMC a year, I’m a bit of veteran of the EBC experience and I regularly visit the Cork facility to articulate EMC’s Service Provider Strategy and the relevance of our technology in the Service Providers’ context.

Despite all these visits, I’ve never actually owned the organisation of an EBC before, but in this instance I was taking the ‘account manager’ role, mostly to help our the account director who runs this Service Provider account for EMC as this event happened to coincide with EMC’s quarter end – a period that always sees a flurry of activity. This was further compounded by the Service Provider themselves being in the middle of an intensive period of activity on several projects.

Thankfully, the organisation of each EBC event is supported by a fantastic team of EBC coordinators based in Cork who deal with logistics and coordination of speakers for each event. Content is pivotal at these events as EMC uses the Cork EBC to provide customers with a focused environment, away from distractions, where they can get uninterrupted exclusive access to key executives and leaders from across EMC and its partners; and to relevant subject matter experts. In this instance we were joined by service provider commercial leaders and technology experts from EMC’s RSA Security business unit, VCE (more about this in an upcoming post) and from VMware.

In common with every other EBC that I’ve attended, this week’s event was a great success. We covered a huge amount of content across the two days of the event. This included some very direct conversations about Service Provider Strategy, from both EMC and our SP partner’s perspective, how these strategies are linked to technology architecture and infrastructure investment and what our joint action plan should be for execution and mutual success.

Also in common with every other EBC that I’ve attended, a large number of follow up actions and activities have been identified, which should mean that the end of this week and beginning of next leaves me just a little time to post as the EBC itself!

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