Three Big Service Provider Themes for 2012: Part 2

By | January 30, 2012
Here’s the second big opportunity area that I see for Service Providers in 2012. For the first post in this series, you can go here.
PaaS Becomes an Installable Product and ISVs Start to Adopt It
Platform as a Service will move out of the web 2.0/experimental/boutique provider segment and begin to see mainstream adoption by organisations that spend a significant amount on software development, which co-incidentally enough are some of the same organisations with the huge numbers of physical servers that I mentioned in my first post – financial services providers and telecoms operators, but you are going to see widespread adoption across all sectors – as well as businesses for whom software is a product in its own right.

The key drivers for adoption will be developer productivity, leading to a improved efficiency and an advantaged time-to-market position, as well as – and this one’s slightly counter intuitive – improved scalability of applications, and the ease of deployment across on premise and off premise infrastructure.

On the scalability point, here’s my view – Platform as a Service technology providers will become the hot people to partner with if you have an enterprise software solution or a hardware platform that addresses a scalability challenge. Need a scalable database, reliable message delivery for integration, a transaction management capability or some other data service for your application? OK, how about you access that via the PaaS that you chose to deploy on and define service level and performance characteristics via a dependency definition within your application or interactively at the time of deployment? All of a sudden, if you’re not able to interface with the PaaS and accept workloads that are a good fit for your solution via that route, you just got a whole lot less relevant.

What’s the Service Provider’s role? Pretty obvious given that it’s called Platform AS A SERVICE isn’t it?

I’ll cover the final area of opportunity in another post very soon.

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