Notes from EMC Forum 2012 London

By | September 12, 2012

I just finished up a day at EMC Forum 2012 in London and I want to share some thoughts and content from the event for those of you that couldn’t be there. However, it’s probably wise to start with a quick overview of the event for those of you that might not be familiar with it. EMC Forum is a roadshow format event that EMC runs every year following EMC World, which takes place at the end of May.

When I say a roadshow format, I mean that this event really does hit the road. This year, EMC Forum visits 32 locations in EMEA, plus cities in Asia and North and South America. I’m sure you will appreciate that there’s a massive behind-the-scenes logistical and co-ordination effort required to make this happen. The diverse locations for the event (in EMEA, everywhere from Espoo in Finland to Johannesburg in South Africa) mean that the content is a great blend of locally relevant content in local languages combined with international keynote speakers from EMC in the US and Europe.

EMC UK & Ireland MD James Petter @ EMC Forum 2012

EMC UK & Ireland MD James Petter @ EMC Forum 2012

The larger locations will see well in excess of 1000 customers and partners attending and the buzz around the event is palpable. As an example, I was at the event in Johannesburg last year, along with almost 2,000 customers and partners, so it would be wrong to assume that all the action is in western Europe too!

Johannesburg wasn’t may first first exposure to EMC Forum. This came only a matter of weeks after joining EMC in 2010, when I was lucky enough to be in Budapest in Hungry at a time that coincided with the the 2010 event in that city. I was left somewhat baffled, but I got a real feel for the international nature of EMC when I watched a briefing on EMC and VMware product integration delivered in fluent Hungarian :-)

The event is orientated around a theme every year and this year’s theme is consistent with the EMC World theme of ‘Transform IT + Business + Yourself’. This reflects EMC’s emphasis on modernising IT to improve its agility and efficiency and leveraging solutions for Big Data to deliver improved insight for businesses. Transform Yourself is all about helping customers and partners to develop the skills and capabilities that they need to enable them to fully exploit these two macro-level trends.

I presented a short session after lunch in the Cloud Track together with UK headquartered Velocity Service Provider Partner Cable&Wireless Worldwide. This was very well attended and I might do a further post about this later today if I have the time. In the mean time, you can follow the action as-it-happens at EMC Forum events around on the world on Twitter on the #EMCForum tag and you can find and register for an EMC Forum event near you at on EMC’s EMC Forum page.

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