Welcome to my ‘New’ Blog

By | October 27, 2013

I finally got round to doing the complete overhaul of this blog. The one that I have been thinking about since I first started it.

Here’s what I did today:

Set up my own WordPress environment on an AWS EC2 instance and imported all of the old content from the old Blogger site. This worked flawlessly, apart from having to manually deal with re-uploading all the images to the new environment and tidying up a lot of formatting to deal with the new images. That took quite a while, but everything seems to be working now. Of course, if you happen to spot an issue, please leave a comment and let me know.

I splashed out an invested in a commercial theme with a clean look that I think matches my outlook and style.

Lastly I bought a actual domain under which to host everything for the future, so you can now find me at http://the-new-it.com rather than to old spcto.blah.blah domain. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks people, because you all have bookmarks, right? :-)

You can file those two items of expenditure under ‘birthday-presents to myself’ by the way, because it was my fortieth birthday today!

Hoping the new infrastructure and branding will prompt me to post a bit more often now, but we’ll see how that goes.

One thought on “Welcome to my ‘New’ Blog

  1. Gary

    Ian – site looks nice. You don’t look a day over 50 by the way. AWS? Shame on you.


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