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By | November 11, 2013

Yes, it’s one of ‘those posts’. You know, the ones that gush about the next wonderful career opportunity that the author is moving on to. I’m going to try to avoid this one actually being one of those, but you know what I mean, right? The question is – ‘can you count yourself as a real blogger if you don’t write one of those posts?’ :-)

So, in an genuine attempt to stick with convention, but also to avoid too many cliches, here’s a quick update on where I’m going to be moving to, what I’m going to be doing and, probably most interestingly, why I decided to move.

Where? : Amazon Web Services, here  in the UK and Ireland.

What? : Technical Evangelist – I have another post in the works that explains exactly what this means. I’ve mentioned the role to a few friends that don’t work in IT and got some very odd looks, so I think it’s worth explaining more later.

Why? : OK, this is the part where I have to work hard to avoid the gushing :-) There are a few different factors at play here.

  1. It’s genuinely hard to get a job at AWS. The recruitment process is very challenging and I got the impression that if I was successful, that the role would be too. I found this very enticing. I’ve interviewed for quite a few roles before many of which, on paper at least, have been more senior than this one, but this is the first time I was left wondering whether or not I was smart enough to get the job, which makes it all the more desirable, right?
  2. AWS is a clear innovation leader. Early in my career I worked for a web hosting startup in the UK called Planet Online, whilst this was a very small organisation when I joined (my employee number was 53!) we did a lot of innovation in web hosting products and went on to be involved in the launch of a very successful internet service provider startup called Freeserve. I get the sense that AWS will be similar in that I feel as though the whole organisation is extremely focused on the needs of its customers and is always looking forward at how it can innovate to best fulfil them.
  3. There are a ton of development opportunities at AWS. Firstly, it’s a rapidly growing organisation, which creates great scope to develop and lots of interesting opportunities to develop into. Add to that the fact that customers are constantly pushing the envelope of was is possible with the technology that AWS have and I think this is going to be a challenging environment, but one that it’s possible to learn a huge amount in.
  4. The role content is a great fit for me. The most enjoyable part of my role at EMC has been the evangelism component, the events that I have helped to structure and spoken at, the social media activities that I have been involved in and, of course, meeting and talking to some great customers, Service Provider partners in the case of my role at EMC. I am looking forward to being able to focus exclusively on these kind of activities in the new role and of course being able to do this from the fantastic brand platform that AWS has built and with some incredible existing customers and hopefully a whole lot more new ones!

There are actually a few more reasons that I could go into, but after the last epic post that I wrote, I’m trying to keep this one a bit manageable so I’m going to end here. by saying that I’m really looking forward to the new role and I hope to be posting here regularly with a lot more updates and content about what I and AWS are up.

10 thoughts on “def __next__(self): # move on to next challenge

    1. Ian Massingham Post author

      Thanks for your kind words Manisha. Hoping it’s going to be as awesome as I think it is.

  1. Rob Wilmot

    Congratulations Ian. I still remember coming on the Saturday to the Planet Online offices on Saturday morning after the Freeserve launch and you being there. I’ve always been impressed by your professional approach and passion for what you do. Good fortune in the new role :)

    1. Ian Massingham Post author

      I remember it well Rob – everyone was putting a lot of hours in to deal with the right sort of challenges – the ones that growth brings, right? :)

    1. Ian Massingham Post author

      It’s too early to answer that Adam, but I’m hoping so too.

  2. domcody

    Wow a Technical Evangelist, what’s that?

    Just kidding sounds a great opportunity and one with growth and progression career wise as they grow as a company.
    Congratulations Ian.

  3. Werner Steinbeck

    Seems to me that you are moving closer to “yourself”. My impression always was that you should speak to a larger audience and share (more) of your ideas with more people. I think you are at the right place now. All the good luck and see you out there.


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