AWS User Group UK meetup #10 – 23 July

By | July 24, 2014

I was in London at the latest and 10th meetup of the AWS User Group UK last night. As usual, I want to quickly summarise the content that was presented and give some more details on the event for those that might have missed it.

As I mentioned in my last post about the AWS User Group UK, this group is a big one with almost 1,000 – yes! one thousand! – people in the group that they use to announce meetups and share information between members. You can find the group here and you should definitely join this if you’re interested in what the group are up to or want to come along to any of their future events. The group also has a twitter account, which you can find here. Upcoming events are announced on this so it’s also a good idea to follow them here to keep up-to-date.

Also usual, group organiser Norm Driskell (@n0rm), opened the evening with a few announcements. The first was that the group already has their next three events planned and scheduled. These will be as follows:

Norm Driskell kicking off the event

Norm Driskell kicking off the event

The event  at the end of November is  just after AWS re:Invent and this will be a re:Invent special where we will recap and discuss the major announcements from re:Invent, so I’m pretty sure that this will be an extra special Meetup with a lot to talk about. Hopefully a few members of the AWS User Group UK will be in Las Vegas for the conference during November and we will be able to have an AWS User Group UK Social Meetup in Vegas during the week of re:Invent. Let me know if you will be there and I will make sure you get an invite! :)

What’s New @AWS

Let’s get back onto the topic of this specific post anyway, which is last night’s meetup. The event last night took place at Shoreditch Village Hall, an event space that’s run by the people behind the Shoreditch Works co-working spaces in London. The sponsors for this event were IT recruitment agency eSynergy Solutions. It’s super important to give credit to the sponsors of these events, because the organisers of the vast majority of AWS User Groups around the world are volunteers, who run the events for the good of the AWS User Community and these events simply would not happen if it weren’t for the generosity of the great sponsors that participate in the AWS Community by funding these events.

There were three speakers on the agenda last night. Firstly I gave a short talk about recent service enhancements and new services launches from AWS since the last meetup that I spoke at in March. Of course, there wasn’t time to cover everything as you might guess, so I focused on recent enhancements to EBS in the form of General Purpose (SSD) Volumes and EC2 with the new T2 instance family. I then went on to talk about the three new services for mobile application developers that Amazon CTO Werner Vogels AWS announced during the keynote at the AWS Summit in New York on July 10th. These were:

Lastly, I spoke briefly about the addition of the notification TTL feature to SNS Mobile Push Notifications and gave an update on the timing and registration details for AWS re:Invent 2014. You can see the slides from my talk here:

Boyan Dimitrov from Hailo

Boyan Dimitrov from Hailo

Next up was Boyan Dimitrov from Hailo. Boyan is a Senior Systems Engineer at Hailo and he gave an updated version of a talk that he and I delivered together at the AWS Summit in London at the end of March entitled ‘Scaling micro-services Architecture on AWS’. This was a great explanation of some of the scaling challenges that Hailo have solved as they moved from their first user in a single city November 2011 to their current operations on three continents with over 1 million users. You can see the slides from Boyan’s talk here:

Last on the agenda we had Malcolm North from AWS Consulting partner Smart421. Malcolm gave a talk that explained the architecture that had been developed to support several of the large enterprises that Smart421 have worked on migrating to AWS, including Haven Power and the UK National Rail Enquires online service. There was a lot of detail here, especially on the network architecture and design for migrating services with many third party integration points onto AWS, so check out Malcolm’s presentation below for more detail on this:

That concludes the summary of the event last night. If you’re interested in knowing more, or attending a future AWS User Group UK meetup, please join the meetup group and you will be kept up to date on future events automatically.

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