AWS User Group UK (London), Hull and North (Manchester) Meetups

By | March 30, 2015

Once again apologies for the short break in posts. I’ve had a couple of trips and other events that have clashed with recent AWS User Group UK meetups, so I haven’t be able to do complete write-ups for the last couple of events as I haven’t been there at all in one case and for entire event in the second case. I am planning to consolidate the slides from the talks at the events that I have missed in another post very soon, so please bear with me for this.

James Brown of Alertlogic at the User Group UK Meetup

James Brown of Alertlogic at the User Group UK Meetup

My travel schedule having stabilised a little, I was able to make it along to three AWS User Groups last week. Firstly, I was at the AWS User Group UK meetup in London on Wednesday evening, then I was at the AWS User Group Hull meetup on Thursday, where I talked about the recently announced AWS CodeDeploy service and did a walkthrough of the getting started guide for this service, which you can find in the CodeDeploy section of the AWS Console. This is a really accessible and simple getting started guide and I would recommend that anyone interested in AWS CodeDeploy takes a look at this as a first step for familarising themselves with the service.

For extra credit on the walkthrought, you can create a Github repo containing the sample app, commit an update to it and then link CodeDeploy to your Github account and pull a deployment from the newly created repo using the specific commit ID for your update as a final step on the walkthrough. The AWS CodeDeploy getting started walkthrough uses three t2.micro instances, which means that it will cost $0.39 to run the walkthrough if you use Linux instances in the US East (N. Virginia) region and clean up the CloudFormation stack that the walkthrough creates within an hour of it being created.

After I was finished with the CodeDeploy walkthrough in Hull I got myself over to Manchester for a larger meetup, the AWS User Group North, which is one of the longest running AWS User Groups here in the UK. The meetup was hosted at the new (and very very nice) Autotrader offices in central Manchester and the agenda here was a full one, with User Group organiser Alex McConnell opening the evening with a quick intro, followed by a welcome and introduction to the sponsors of the meetup, web performance specialists Intechnica with Phil Horn from Intechnica.

After Phil’s intro, we were on to my talks. Firstly, a quick recap of the announcements from last year’s AWS re:Invent event and a status update on the new AWS services that were announced there. Then an update on upcoming AWS events including the AWS Summit in London on April 15th, re:Invent 2015 and the AWS Masterclass Webinar Series, which we kicked off this week with a session focusing on AWS CloudFormation.

Following my pair of talks there were several lightning talks.

Wes Thompson from another AWS partner, Reconnix, who talked through their implementation of the infrastructure for a global album launch using Amazon S3.

Chris Kranz, who focused on Best Practices for bootstrapping EC2 instances. Chris gave a talk without slides and instead of sharing slides he has blogged about his talk here. His talk focused on how to build a self healing infrastructure on AWS by using automated boostrapping techniques to enable your EC2 instances to self configure when scaling up or when instances need to be replaced for any reason. Cool talk!

Chris Kranz at the AWS User Group North Meetup

Chris Kranz at the AWS User Group North Meetup

Finally we had David Turner, who explained how to get a MongoDB cluster with replication and snapshot-based data protection running on AWS in 5 minutes(!).

The Hull and Manchester meetups were very different in flavour, but both really well organised and an excellent forum for AWS users to learn more about how they can make use of AWS Services. As usual, I would recommend coming along to an AWS User Group near you if you’re interested in learning more about AWS from other AWS users.

All the user groups that I’ve mentioned in this post are also looking for speakers and sponsors, so if you’re interested in taking either of these at an upcoming User Group meetup, please contact the user group organisers directly from their pages, or let me know and I will put you in touch with them.

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