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AWS User Group UK meetup #9 – 28 May

I went along to another great Meetup of the AWS User Group UK in London on Wednesday evening last week. This time around the group was hosted in the very very stylish offices of Net a Porter in the Westfield Centre in West London. As you might guess, there are genuine issues with finding venues that are large enough to host the group now that there are 800 people in… Read More »

AWS User Group UK meetup #8 – 12 March

I went along to my first AWS user group meetup in London last week so I thought I would do a quick write-up and share my experiences. I also want to have a reference point to direct people to that might be interested in starting an AWS user group in their city, or perhaps one focused a specific  topic like this RedShift meetup that started recently in London. As you… Read More »

Jumping Ecosystems

As you might have guessed, I updated my LinkedIn profile when I started at Amazon Web Services on the 2nd of December. I was a little surprised to see that immediately after I changed my employer to AWS, LinkedIn’s ‘people you may know’ recommendation engine started to suggest a whole new set of people that I might know, with a pretty variable degree of accuracy It struck me that LinkedIn’s… Read More »

def __next__(self): # move on to next challenge

Yes, it’s one of ‘those posts’. You know, the ones that gush about the next wonderful career opportunity that the author is moving on to. I’m going to try to avoid this one actually being one of those, but you know what I mean, right? The question is – ‘can you count yourself as a real blogger if you don’t write one of those posts?’ So, in an genuine attempt to… Read More »

What is ‘The New IT’?

Over the last 3 years I have increasingly become aware of a growing movement in the technology community. A movement that believes that the way in which organisations use and consume IT is fundamentally changing. Articulating the characteristics of this change and, more importantly, the reasons for it and opportunities that it creates  has been a key part of my role working with Service Providers at EMC. As I come towards… Read More »

Welcome to my ‘New’ Blog

I finally got round to doing the complete overhaul of this blog. The one that I have been thinking about since I first started it. Here’s what I did today: Set up my own WordPress environment on an AWS EC2 instance and imported all of the old content from the old Blogger site. This worked flawlessly, apart from having to manually deal with re-uploading all the images to the new… Read More »

Notes from EMC Forum 2012 London

I just finished up a day at EMC Forum 2012 in London and I want to share some thoughts and content from the event for those of you that couldn’t be there. However, it’s probably wise to start with a quick overview of the event for those of you that might not be familiar with it. EMC Forum is a roadshow format event that EMC runs every year following EMC… Read More »

Why Man’s Stone Age Mind is Changing IT

I had a discussion with the IT team at a large Telco and IT Service Provider in the Benelux Region yesterday and this topic came up, so I thought I’d elaborate on the idea and see if I can stimulate some debate. All the evidence suggests that human beings didn’t start having regular contact with other humans outside their extended family group of around 50 individuals until about 10,000 years… Read More »

2012 Technology Advisory Team Summit

I just got back to Europe following three days at EMC’s Headquarters just outside Boston in the US where I was attending the 2012 Technology Advisory Team Summit. The Technology Advisory Team is a forum that comprises EMC’s senior customer facing technologists from around the the world – Field CTOs that cover specific sectors or geographies like myself and Hans Timmerman, who is EMC’s CTO in The Netherlands as well… Read More »

The EBC Experience

Back after a short break! Partly because it’s just hard to sustain a post rate of one every other day, so perhaps I was a little bit overambitious last week? Another factor is that I spent the first couple of days of this week at EMC’s Executive Briefing Center in Cork, Ireland, hosting (if you excuse the pun) a major hosting service provider that EMC works with here in the… Read More »