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VMworld 2012 Europe – What’s Hot for Service Providers

Another super-busy week at VMworld is almost done. As usual I’ve been hosting and spending time with a few of EMC’s Service Provider Partners at the event this year. Mostly running around like a crazy person trying to connect our partners with colleagues from EMC and VMware that that can help them with the  development of new services and in optimising their existing services. The conversation between Service Providers and… Read More »

The Stratification of SP Cloud Compute Services

Designed for failure, built on a next generation application platform, deployed on commodity infrastructure – all phases you hear a lot when people are talking about deploying or migrating applications to Cloud-based computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, but what about applications that aren’t? I’m a firm believer that the set of applications that we use are going to be very different in the future. Compare the applications that you use today… Read More »

Create a Node.js App on Cloud Foundry in 3 minutes

I’m currently involved in a couple of projects with ISVs to modernise their application infrastructure and transition shrink wrapped application products to deployment on cloud platforms. My key involvement here is in architecting the underlying physical infrastructure to enable applications to scale up to very large multi-tenant deployment. In addition, the ISVs are working to replatforming their applications using modern programming languages and frameworks and services-based architecture that enables applications to scale… Read More »

The End of Orchestration?

Been away this last week, lying by a pool in the Canary Islands, so apologies for the lack of posts! I did say that I’d write a post about a session I attended at VMworld before I went away, but I had to catch up on a few customer commitments at the end of the week before I went on vacation so I didn’t get a chance to do this then. I promised a… Read More »

Notes from VMworld Europe 2011

I attended my first big technology event since joining EMC this week. VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen. I arrived here on Monday afternoon and this has been my first opportunity to sit down at a keyboard and actually get some thoughts down on the event, which should give you some flavour as to how insanely packed my agenda has been. For me, the program so far has been something like this: Monday… Read More »