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Yes, it’s one of ‘those posts’. You know, the ones that gush about the next wonderful career opportunity that the author is moving on to. I’m going to try to avoid this one actually being one of those, but you know what I mean, right? The question is – ‘can you count yourself as a real blogger if you don’t write one of those posts?’ So, in an genuine attempt to… Read More »

What is ‘The New IT’?

Over the last 3 years I have increasingly become aware of a growing movement in the technology community. A movement that believes that the way in which organisations use and consume IT is fundamentally changing. Articulating the characteristics of this change and, more importantly, the reasons for it and opportunities that it creates  has been a key part of my role working with Service Providers at EMC. As I come towards… Read More »

Welcome to my ‘New’ Blog

I finally got round to doing the complete overhaul of this blog. The one that I have been thinking about since I first started it. Here’s what I did today: Set up my own WordPress environment on an AWS EC2 instance and imported all of the old content from the old Blogger site. This worked flawlessly, apart from having to manually deal with re-uploading all the images to the new… Read More »

EMC and Service Providers at GigaOM Structure Europe

Here’s a video that was shot at GigaOM Structure in London last week. In the interview, I give an overview of EMC’s strategy for engaging with Service Provider Partners here in EMEA and explain the key role that the Software Defined Data Center can play in enabling regional Service Providers to compete with global providers.

What exactly does ‘as-a-Service’ mean anyway?

As you may know, EMC will be sponsoring GigaOM Structure Europe 2013, which is taking place in London this week. I’ll running a workshop doing the event together with a couple of members of my team here at EMC where we’ll be talking about some of the work we have been doing to help Service Providers create services based on our platforms and technology and this post is intended to… Read More »

Day 1 of your new role: Global Bio-Weapon

If an idea is a mind-virus that can transmitted from person to person like a contagion, can you spread it through an organisation as though you’re some kind of bio-weapon? If you do this, can you drive change through a large and complex organisation like EMC and beyond into customers and partners? Not my usual topic area I know, but this is a question that was put to me earlier this… Read More »

Taking EMC’s Executive Briefing Centre ‘on-the-road’ in South Africa

Avid followers of my twitter stream (do those actually exist?) will have noticed that I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, last week for a couple of days. I posted a few updates about the positive nature of the culture in South Africa, but I wanted to give a bit more detail than is practical in a few 140 character bursts, so I thought I would write a short post to… Read More »

Notes from EMC World 2013 – ViPR Launch

Two and a half years at EMC and due to a combination of the bad timing of my start date at EMC and the arrival of my second daughter, this is my first visit to EMC’s global partner and customer event, EMC World. Obviously, I’ve been to technology conferences before, VMworld Europe and Structure in the last couple of years, but EMC World has very different feel to it. I… Read More »

Outsourcer or Service Provider? You decide!

It’s been a while since my last post, but the last quarter has been frantic period of focusing on finalising deals with many of our Service Provider partners and on finalising our operating plan for 2013. As a result the first thing that I need to say is ‘Happy New Year’. So, Happy New Year! Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move onto my first observation of… Read More »

VMworld 2012 Europe – What’s Hot for Service Providers

Another super-busy week at VMworld is almost done. As usual I’ve been hosting and spending time with a few of EMC’s Service Provider Partners at the event this year. Mostly running around like a crazy person trying to connect our partners with colleagues from EMC and VMware that that can help them with the  development of new services and in optimising their existing services. The conversation between Service Providers and… Read More »