Notes from EMC Forum 2012 London

I just finished up a day at EMC Forum 2012 in London and I want to share some thoughts and content from the event for those of you that couldn’t be there. However, it’s probably wise to start with a quick overview of the event for those of you that might not be familiar with it. EMC Forum is a roadshow format event that EMC runs every year following EMC… Read More »

VMAX SP – Block-Storage-as-a-Service

Big announcement today. EMC will deliver a derivative of it’s Enterprise block storage platform, the VMAX, that is designed specifically for Service Provider customers. This has been announced in a release today, with more details to follow at EMC World next week, with general availability expected in Q3 this year. I’ve been lucky enough to have been responsible for identifying the first customer, Colt Technology Services here in Europe, for… Read More »

Why Man’s Stone Age Mind is Changing IT

I had a discussion with the IT team at a large Telco and IT Service Provider in the Benelux Region yesterday and this topic came up, so I thought I’d elaborate on the idea and see if I can stimulate some debate. All the evidence suggests that human beings didn’t start having regular contact with other humans outside their extended family group of around 50 individuals until about 10,000 years… Read More »

VSPEX and Service Providers: Where does it fit?

Firstly, apologies for the short break in posts – I’ve got a great excuse though as I’ve been on paternity leave for the last couple of weeks following the arrival of a new member of the Massingham family – Baby Isabella! Everyone is doing great and things are starting to get back to normal now, so I have some time to reflect on the big EMC product announcement that happened… Read More »

Hiring – Service Provider Cloud Architects

In the spirit of trying to put this blog to work for me, I thought I’d use it to try and generate some interest and ideally find some candidates in for couple of roles that I am currently looking to fill at EMC. As we continue to develop and build our Service Provider partner ecosystem here in Europe the following roles are now open: Service Provider Cloud Architect, based in… Read More »

Storage as a Service: Part 2: Block Storage

This is the second in a series of posts covering the evolution of Service Provider provided storage services and the underlying technology that supports them. The first post was about Object Storage Services and their place in an overall storage architecture. In this post I’m going to cover Block Storage Services and their typical use cases and deployment models within Service Providers. Let’s start with a quick introduction to block storage. In… Read More »

Storage as a Service: Part 1: Object Storage Services

I’ve been doing some work on a plan to refresh and enhance the storage platforms used by a pan-European managed IT and cloud Service Provider over the last week. I thought it might be useful to put some of my thoughts down in a quick post and share where this SP is heading directionally, and where I think the market will move over the next year to 18 months. I… Read More »

Certified for IT-as-a-Service?

It’s been called the exam with the longest title ever devised, but the ‘IT-as-a-Service Expert Exam for Cloud Architects’ – by the way, the title really does need shortening – is EMC’s latest ‘Open’ certification offering. It follows the Cloud Infrastructure Specialist (CIS) and Cloud Architect (CA) training deliverables and certification exams and like the preceding two qualifications it can be delivered as an instructor lead class or via EMC’s… Read More »

The Stratification of SP Cloud Compute Services

Designed for failure, built on a next generation application platform, deployed on commodity infrastructure – all phases you hear a lot when people are talking about deploying or migrating applications to Cloud-based computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, but what about applications that aren’t? I’m a firm believer that the set of applications that we use are going to be very different in the future. Compare the applications that you use today… Read More »

VFCache (Project Lightning) – What does it mean for Service Providers?

Yesterday saw the public launch of EMC’s latest product innovation, the VFCache product line. In physical terms, this product is a server-installable card that plugs into a PCIe slot on a rack mount server. There aren’t any ports on the back of the card so it’s not a host bus adaptor (HBA), but with the help of some clever drivers that run either in VMware ESX Server or a supported… Read More »