One Year in EMC’s Service Provider Program

I joined EMC on September the 1st 2010, which is obviously just over a year ago and I’ve recently been reflecting on the progress we’ve made and achievements over the last year. Back in the third quarter of 2010 EMC’s Service Provider Business in EMEA was still very much in start-up mode and I joined the Business Unit Director and Solutions Marketing Lead to become just the third member of… Read More »

Cloud Services, Economics and You!

I’ve seen various bits of content today from Cisco and from VCE that got me thinking about something I posted a while ago on Twitter. Typically, Twitter’s search function is preventing me from finding it again right now, but it went something like this: Commit to what you use everyday, source the rest from compatible Service Providers So what does that mean? Of course, I was talking about the procurement… Read More »

Welcome & Some Introductions

Hi there, and welcome! I meant to start writing this a long time ago, but for one reason and another I didn’t. I thought it was time that I stopped procrastinating and started putting some content down, so here we are! Always best to start with some quick introductions, so I will. If you came here from Twitter, you might already know that my name is Ian Massingham and that… Read More »