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VSPEX and Service Providers: Where does it fit?

Firstly, apologies for the short break in posts – I’ve got a great excuse though as I’ve been on paternity leave for the last couple of weeks following the arrival of a new member of the Massingham family – Baby Isabella! Everyone is doing great and things are starting to get back to normal now, so I have some time to reflect on the big EMC product announcement that happened… Read More »

Storage as a Service: Part 2: Block Storage

This is the second in a series of posts covering the evolution of Service Provider provided storage services and the underlying technology that supports them. The first post was about Object Storage Services and their place in an overall storage architecture. In this post I’m going to cover Block Storage Services and their typical use cases and deployment models within Service Providers. Let’s start with a quick introduction to block storage. In… Read More »

Storage as a Service: Part 1: Object Storage Services

I’ve been doing some work on a plan to refresh and enhance the storage platforms used by a pan-European managed IT and cloud Service Provider over the last week. I thought it might be useful to put some of my thoughts down in a quick post and share where this SP is heading directionally, and where I think the market will move over the next year to 18 months. I… Read More »

Certified for IT-as-a-Service?

It’s been called the exam with the longest title ever devised, but the ‘IT-as-a-Service Expert Exam for Cloud Architects’ – by the way, the title really does need shortening – is EMC’s latest ‘Open’ certification offering. It follows the Cloud Infrastructure Specialist (CIS) and Cloud Architect (CA) training deliverables and certification exams and like the preceding two qualifications it can be delivered as an instructor lead class or via EMC’s… Read More »

VFCache (Project Lightning) – What does it mean for Service Providers?

Yesterday saw the public launch of EMC’s latest product innovation, the VFCache product line. In physical terms, this product is a server-installable card that plugs into a PCIe slot on a rack mount server. There aren’t any ports on the back of the card so it’s not a host bus adaptor (HBA), but with the help of some clever drivers that run either in VMware ESX Server or a supported… Read More »

Three Big Service Provider Themes for 2012: Part 3

This is the third in a series of three posts exploring the major opportunities for Service Providers in 2012. The links below will take you to the previous predictions, which were that: Virtualisation of x86 Client-Server Workloads Goes Mainstream with the Biggest Users PaaS Becomes an Installable Product and ISVs Start to Adopt It Here’s theme number three for 2012. Big Data Analytics Services gain some definition   There’s no doubt… Read More »

Three Big Service Provider Themes for 2012: Part 2

Here’s the second big opportunity area that I see for Service Providers in 2012. For the first post in this series, you can go here.   PaaS Becomes an Installable Product and ISVs Start to Adopt It Platform as a Service will move out of the web 2.0/experimental/boutique provider segment and begin to see mainstream adoption by organisations that spend a significant amount on software development, which co-incidentally enough are… Read More »

Three Big Service Provider Themes for 2012: Part 1

We’re a few weeks into 2012 now and the wave of ‘My Predictions for 2012′ posts has come to an end so I thought I’d write a quick update on what I see as the three big themes that IT Service Providers should be looking to exploit over the next 11 months. These are based on discussions with thought leaders at EMC, VMware and the Service Providers and aspiring Service… Read More »

The Operations Benefits Case for Converged Infrastructure

Last week I met with a Service Provider to continue some discussions that we have been having about the adoption of VCE’s Vblock into the reference architecture for their managed Private Cloud service. I thought I’d write a quick post reflecting on the discussions as there were a couple of interesting points that were raised. No names I’m afraid as I need to respect a client confidentiality agreement. For the skeptics, it’s worth… Read More »

The End of Orchestration?

Been away this last week, lying by a pool in the Canary Islands, so apologies for the lack of posts! I did say that I’d write a post about a session I attended at VMworld before I went away, but I had to catch up on a few customer commitments at the end of the week before I went on vacation so I didn’t get a chance to do this then. I promised a… Read More »