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AWS Meetup # 1 | cloudninjablog

A good write up on the first meetup of a new AWS User Group that is being bootstrapped in Cambridge here in the UK. We’re looking for active AWS community members that might like to help to lead and run this user group, so please let me know if you are interested. via AWS Meetup # 1 | cloudninjablog.

def __next__(self): # move on to next challenge

Yes, it’s one of ‘those posts’. You know, the ones that gush about the next wonderful career opportunity that the author is moving on to. I’m going to try to avoid this one actually being one of those, but you know what I mean, right? The question is – ‘can you count yourself as a real blogger if you don’t write one of those posts?’ So, in an genuine attempt to… Read More »

What is ‘The New IT’?

Over the last 3 years I have increasingly become aware of a growing movement in the technology community. A movement that believes that the way in which organisations use and consume IT is fundamentally changing. Articulating the characteristics of this change and, more importantly, the reasons for it and opportunities that it creates  has been a key part of my role working with Service Providers at EMC. As I come towards… Read More »

Taking EMC’s Executive Briefing Centre ‘on-the-road’ in South Africa

Avid followers of my twitter stream (do those actually exist?) will have noticed that I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, last week for a couple of days. I posted a few updates about the positive nature of the culture in South Africa, but I wanted to give a bit more detail than is practical in a few 140 character bursts, so I thought I would write a short post to… Read More »

Why Man’s Stone Age Mind is Changing IT

I had a discussion with the IT team at a large Telco and IT Service Provider in the Benelux Region yesterday and this topic came up, so I thought I’d elaborate on the idea and see if I can stimulate some debate. All the evidence suggests that human beings didn’t start having regular contact with other humans outside their extended family group of around 50 individuals until about 10,000 years… Read More »

Certified for IT-as-a-Service?

It’s been called the exam with the longest title ever devised, but the ‘IT-as-a-Service Expert Exam for Cloud Architects’ – by the way, the title really does need shortening – is EMC’s latest ‘Open’ certification offering. It follows the Cloud Infrastructure Specialist (CIS) and Cloud Architect (CA) training deliverables and certification exams and like the preceding two qualifications it can be delivered as an instructor lead class or via EMC’s… Read More »

The Stratification of SP Cloud Compute Services

Designed for failure, built on a next generation application platform, deployed on commodity infrastructure – all phases you hear a lot when people are talking about deploying or migrating applications to Cloud-based computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, but what about applications that aren’t? I’m a firm believer that the set of applications that we use are going to be very different in the future. Compare the applications that you use today… Read More »

Three Big Service Provider Themes for 2012: Part 2

Here’s the second big opportunity area that I see for Service Providers in 2012. For the first post in this series, you can go here.   PaaS Becomes an Installable Product and ISVs Start to Adopt It Platform as a Service will move out of the web 2.0/experimental/boutique provider segment and begin to see mainstream adoption by organisations that spend a significant amount on software development, which co-incidentally enough are… Read More »

Three Big Service Provider Themes for 2012: Part 1

We’re a few weeks into 2012 now and the wave of ‘My Predictions for 2012′ posts has come to an end so I thought I’d write a quick update on what I see as the three big themes that IT Service Providers should be looking to exploit over the next 11 months. These are based on discussions with thought leaders at EMC, VMware and the Service Providers and aspiring Service… Read More »

Create a Node.js App on Cloud Foundry in 3 minutes

I’m currently involved in a couple of projects with ISVs to modernise their application infrastructure and transition shrink wrapped application products to deployment on cloud platforms. My key involvement here is in architecting the underlying physical infrastructure to enable applications to scale up to very large multi-tenant deployment. In addition, the ISVs are working to replatforming their applications using modern programming languages and frameworks and services-based architecture that enables applications to scale… Read More »