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def __next__(self): # move on to next challenge

Yes, it’s one of ‘those posts’. You know, the ones that gush about the next wonderful career opportunity that the author is moving on to. I’m going to try to avoid this one actually being one of those, but you know what I mean, right? The question is – ‘can you count yourself as a real blogger if you don’t write one of those posts?’ So, in an genuine attempt to… Read More »

What exactly does ‘as-a-Service’ mean anyway?

As you may know, EMC will be sponsoring GigaOM Structure Europe 2013, which is taking place in London this week. I’ll running a workshop doing the event together with a couple of members of my team here at EMC where we’ll be talking about some of the work we have been doing to help Service Providers create services based on our platforms and technology and this post is intended to… Read More »

Create a Node.js App on Cloud Foundry in 3 minutes

I’m currently involved in a couple of projects with ISVs to modernise their application infrastructure and transition shrink wrapped application products to deployment on cloud platforms. My key involvement here is in architecting the underlying physical infrastructure to enable applications to scale up to very large multi-tenant deployment. In addition, the ISVs are working to replatforming their applications using modern programming languages and frameworks and services-based architecture that enables applications to scale… Read More »