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Taking EMC’s Executive Briefing Centre ‘on-the-road’ in South Africa

Avid followers of my twitter stream (do those actually exist?) will have noticed that I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, last week for a couple of days. I posted a few updates about the positive nature of the culture in South Africa, but I wanted to give a bit more detail than is practical in a few 140 character bursts, so I thought I would write a short post to… Read More »

The EBC Experience

Back after a short break! Partly because it’s just hard to sustain a post rate of one every other day, so perhaps I was a little bit overambitious last week? Another factor is that I spent the first couple of days of this week at EMC’s Executive Briefing Center in Cork, Ireland, hosting (if you excuse the pun) a major hosting service provider that EMC works with here in the… Read More »