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Three Big Service Provider Themes for 2012: Part 2

Here’s the second big opportunity area that I see for Service Providers in 2012. For the first post in this series, you can go here.   PaaS Becomes an Installable Product and ISVs Start to Adopt It Platform as a Service will move out of the web 2.0/experimental/boutique provider segment and begin to see mainstream adoption by organisations that spend a significant amount on software development, which co-incidentally enough are… Read More »

Create a Node.js App on Cloud Foundry in 3 minutes

I’m currently involved in a couple of projects with ISVs to modernise their application infrastructure and transition shrink wrapped application products to deployment on cloud platforms. My key involvement here is in architecting the underlying physical infrastructure to enable applications to scale up to very large multi-tenant deployment. In addition, the ISVs are working to replatforming their applications using modern programming languages and frameworks and services-based architecture that enables applications to scale… Read More »