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Day 1 of your new role: Global Bio-Weapon

If an idea is a mind-virus that can transmitted from person to person like a contagion, can you spread it through an organisation as though you’re some kind of bio-weapon? If you do this, can you drive change through a large and complex organisation like EMC and beyond into customers and partners? Not my usual topic area I know, but this is a question that was put to me earlier this… Read More »

Why Man’s Stone Age Mind is Changing IT

I had a discussion with the IT team at a large Telco and IT Service Provider in the Benelux Region yesterday and this topic came up, so I thought I’d elaborate on the idea and see if I can stimulate some debate. All the evidence suggests that human beings didn’t start having regular contact with other humans outside their extended family group of around 50 individuals until about 10,000 years… Read More »