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AWS User Group UK (London), Hull and North (Manchester) Meetups

Once again apologies for the short break in posts. I’ve had a couple of trips and other events that have clashed with recent AWS User Group UK meetups, so I haven’t be able to do complete write-ups for the last couple of events as I haven’t been there at all in one case and for entire event in the second case. I am planning to consolidate the slides from the… Read More »

AWS Meetup # 1 | cloudninjablog

A good write up on the first meetup of a new AWS User Group that is being bootstrapped in Cambridge here in the UK. We’re looking for active AWS community members that might like to help to lead and run this user group, so please let me know if you are interested. via AWS Meetup # 1 | cloudninjablog.

AWS User Group UK Meetup #12 – re:Invent re:Cap

The twelfth meetup of the AWS User Group UK took place in London last Thursday evening. As usual, here’s a short write of the event for those of you that might have missed it for some reason. The theme of the event this time around was the recent AWS global customer education event, re:Invent, that took place in Las Vegas from 11th to 14th November. Our hosts for the event last week… Read More »

AWS User Group UK meetup #11 – 24 September

Firstly, sorry for the delay in getting this post written and posted. The eleventh meetup of the AWS User Group UK took place in London last Wednesday evening, the 24th of September. This time around the meetup was sponsored by QA Training and took place at one of their training facilities in central London, close to Farringdon station. As usual, I need to say a big thank you to the event… Read More »

AWS User Group UK meetup #10 – 23 July

I was in London at the latest and 10th meetup of the AWS User Group UK last night. As usual, I want to quickly summarise the content that was presented and give some more details on the event for those that might have missed it. As I mentioned in my last post about the AWS User Group UK, this group is a big one with almost 1,000 – yes! one… Read More »

AWS North East Meetup #1

I thought I would share some details about the first meetup of the newly formed AWS North East User Group, which I attended last week. This Meetup took place at Campus North in Newcastle (for my international readers that’s Newcastle in the UK!), which is the home of the Ignite 100 Accelerator and also offers co-working facilities, incubator space for startups and small tech companies, as well as having an… Read More »

AWS User Group UK meetup #9 – 28 May

I went along to another great Meetup of the AWS User Group UK in London on Wednesday evening last week. This time around the group was hosted in the very very stylish offices of Net a Porter in the Westfield Centre in West London. As you might guess, there are genuine issues with finding venues that are large enough to host the group now that there are 800 people in… Read More »

AWS User Group UK meetup #8 – 12 March

I went along to my first AWS user group meetup in London last week so I thought I would do a quick write-up and share my experiences. I also want to have a reference point to direct people to that might be interested in starting an AWS user group in their city, or perhaps one focused a specific  topic like this RedShift meetup that started recently in London. As you… Read More »